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Nurses and Health workers are the frontline professionals who address the key challenges of co-morbid management of patients. Nowadays, it is inevitable for Chronic Non-Communicable Disease and Disorder across the Lifespan which the numbers of patients are increasing each year worldwide. It becomes an important Global issue that involves the Ministry of Health, Social and Economic Development in many countries seriously realized for a decade. Not only should we be aware of communicable disease but also NCD has an affect the patient and those people’s health obviously. Every day’s life, Trends behavior, food, nutrition and so on have been changed. All of those are mentioned cause people to health trends. We do hope the conference will lead to world collaboration where we could be able to exchange or share knowledge in order to control, prevent cases, and improve both current and future situations.

Main Conference Theme :

1. NCDs   (diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, chronic Respiratory diseases, neurological and mental diseases) 

- Health system and solutions for NCDs

Factors Related NCDs and Innovations

- Human rights and access to essential medicines for NCDs

2. Global Health Trends

- Aging and palliative care

- Environmental Health

- Global Epidemic

- Occupational Health

- Safety

- Alternative Medicine

3. Education

- Health Professional Education

- Nursing Education

- Education in 21 st Century