Mr. Rungruethai Muanprasitporn, MD
Director of PBRI

Praboromarajchanok Institute for Health Workforce Development is a division under the Permanent Secretary’s Office at the Ministry of Public Health, Thailand which take a responsibility for producing and developing health personnel employed through the Ministry of Public Health. Managing health science education and conducting research related to curriculum development in order to follow the benchmarks of the Ministry of Education is one of the key role of the PIHWD. There are various programs provided by the PIHWD including nursing, public health, and other allied health professions at the bachelor, diploma, and associated degree levels.
Training is also provided by the PIHWD for various levels of health administrators in order to enhance their managerial skills. The programs are organized annually for three categories of health administrators such as first-line health administrators, middle health administrators and executive health administrators. Moreover, the PIHWD is responsible for developing a Human Resources Development Plan that focus on the development of health personnel competencies and respond to the needs of the agencies in a systematic and ongoing manner.
Conducting research in various areas, health sciences, human resource development and education and academic research, for instance, is another role of the PIHWD. Results of these researches could be implemented in policy development and strategic plans.
Recently, there are 40 colleges located throughout Thailand including 30 Nursing Colleges, 7 Public Health Colleges, 1 College of Medical and Public Health Technology, 1 College of Public Health Administration and 1 Abhaibhubejhr  College of Thai traditional Medicine at Prachinburi.