Association of Indonesian Nurses Educational Institution (AIPNI) was initiated by Dean Nikken University of Indonesia in a meeting on June 29, 2001 which was attended by 16 institutions. The purpose of the meeting at that time was to consolidate themselves in order to guarantee the quality of graduates. Additionally, the important decisions in this meeting was agreed to form an association which was then called the Association of Indonesian Nurses Educational Institution (AIPNI).The background of the establishment of these containers is a strong desire to produce quality graduates through the provision of education quality as well. This desire is also to face the challenges of unmet community needs for quality healthcare as well as dealing with the impact of globalization.
As the first board AIPNI the period 2001 - 2005 is Prof. Dra. Elly Nurachmah, DNSc., RN as chairman, Dra. Pure Hartanti S, SKp., Kes as secretary and Allenidekania, SKp., MN as treasurer. This Association has passed in front of the Notary deed No. 11, dated June 12, 2002. 
The Nurses Association Educational Institution Indonesia has a vision to become a place of education providers’ oriented institution in addressing the needs of society, the development of technology and science of nursing through the organization of educational process nurses that global perspective.
Annual Meeting of Members held every year in order to discuss various aspects of the organization of education nurses including the efforts that have been made during the past year and plan activities to be carried out in the following year.