Miss Nimastura Wae
President of the SC-Net

The Office of the Permanent Secretary indicates that the role and responsibility of the college under the Ministry of Public Health in health care workforce development are as follow: 1) healthcare workforce production, 2) healthcare workforce competency development, 3) research and development of healthcare workforce, 4) demonstrate appropriate health service, 5) academic services in medical and public health for society and community, and 6) promotion and maintenance of culture, environment, social development and democracy.

In line with role and responsibility of the colleges under the Ministry of Public Health, the Southern College Network (SC-Net) was established in 1996. At that time, the network was composed of 8 colleges, 6 colleges of nursing and 2 colleges of public health. Because of the differences in resources and limitation of each college, the SC-net was created to share the resources and minimize the limitations. At present, there are 5 colleges of nursing and 2 colleges of public health in the SC-Net since Boromarajonani College of Nursing Naradhiwas merged with all the educational institutions in the Naradhiwas province and became Princess of Naradhiwas University in 2005. The objectives of the SC-Net were to: 1) achieve the same standard of administration among colleges, 2) have an effective coordination of resources, 3) participate in academic activities, 4) share information, and 5) promote a good relationship within the network.